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What is Sunnington Senior Care?

Sunnington Senior Care is an assisted living facility that cares exclusively for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments. This community is tailored to meet the individual needs of those suffering from a memory-impairment. This community was uniquely designed to accommodate 32 residents. The physical design features of Sunnington Senior Care support the functioning of the memory-impaired residents.

Sunnington Senior Care has given great attention to details in anticipating the needs of memory impaired residents’. One symptom of the disease is the tendency to wander. That is why our community offers a secured indoor and outdoor walking area. The secured outdoor courtyard is accessible from three different locations. This enables the resident to explore safely free from restraint.

Often a memory- impaired resident will find it difficult to locate his room. Sunnington Senior Care is designed with a memory cabinet next to each resident’s room. Each memory cabinet contains personal photos of loved ones and other mementos to provide them with extra familiarity enabling them to locate their room. Sunnington Senior Care has a strong commitment to our residents. We promote privacy and dignity while providing a secure setting for each resident.