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Senior Care Houses in the USA – Peculiarities and Rates

Senior Care Houses in the USA - Peculiarities and RatesAging is an inevitable, biological and irreversible process that, if everything goes well, will affect us all. The human essence is formed in such a way that until it touches us, we try not to even think about it. Although, the sooner we start preparing for it, the more chances we will meet it with dignity.

According to Professor Barbara Fadem (Behavioral Science. Lipincott Williams & Wilkins 2009), elderly people experience not only physical suffering against the background of senile diseases (deterioration of vision, hearing, urinary incontinence, etc.), but also suffer severe psychological experiences associated with the loss of authority , power, loss of material income. All this negatively affects the emotional and psychological state of the elderly person.

How do people spend the rest of their lives in America?

In the United States, the retirement age is 67. Moreover, it is the same for both women and men (although they want to raise the bar to 70 years). Many people support this decision because according to sociological research, most people feel old after retirement. Thus, a person aged 50-55 is perceived as young in the United States.

In America, most old people die in senior care homes. The public in no way condemns the living of pensioners to such senior homes, but on the contrary supports them. It is believed that if a person for some reason cannot live alone (for example, take care of himself, cook food or pay for the house), then he is sent to such a home.

Homes for the elderly, like kindergartens, are private, and you have to pay for them. The average cost of living in such a house is approximately $ 168 per day or $ 61,000 per year. Prices range from 40,000 per year for the most simple boarding house to 200,000 for a luxurious apartment. It is rather expensive especially if an elderly cannot pay yourself for such living, their children issue cash advance Massachusetts to cover the rates of senior care appartments. This financial option is efficient as it is deposited fast enough especially if you just do not have a small amount before the paycheck. Nothing special should be done and no certificates should be sent to confirm your payment solvency. The procedure is fast taking max. 24 business hours.

In America, they can be sent to a nursing home even without the consent of the elderly themselves. For this, a whole team of doctors, social workers, and lawyers gathers. Further, a decision is made on the need for constant care for the old man and he is sent forever to the senior care house.

Everyone pays for their own living in such a place. If there are not enough funds on the account, then according to Title 19, all property, including the house, the car is sold and goes to pay for living in a nursing home. If the amount from the sale of property is lest, then all the costs associated with the imprisonment of people are paid by the state.

Despite the good conditions offered in American nursing homes, people with great reluctance and despair are sent to such institutions. Living in a cramped, orderly room, among sick and helpless people, will drive any healthy person into depression. But the worst thing for the guests is to realize that all the good is already behind.

Where an elderly person should live? In a nursing home, where there is really care and concern, or live alone in a home, even if you don’t have the strength and ability to go to the store? Live with children? In the United States, according to statistics, over 20% of old people living with their adult children experience violence and beatings. And these are only registered cases, not to mention the banal humiliation and insult. So this question is still open.

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